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Confidential Estate Planning Questionnaire

The purpose of the Estate Planning Questionnaire is to help you gather information needed for the estate planning process, and to allow Mr. Dariotis to fully understand your situation and desires. 

Please open and fill out the questionnaire provided below. You may fill it out online, or print it and fill it out manually. 

Please do not get bogged down trying to complete this form. Fill it out as best as you can. If you are married, please have your spouse complete a separate form, but he or she need not duplicate information (e.g., information about common children, etc.). It is to allow each person to state his or her preferences and information unique to that person.

​If you fill the form out online, please save it and email it to: terry@dariotislaw.com

If you fill out the form manually, please mail it to:

Or you may fax it to:​​​ (850)523-9303