Professional Help With Probate

The probate process can be confusing, especially for people who have never dealt with it before. Many people don’t think about probate until they must settle the affairs of a loved one who died. The learning curve can be steep, and the amount of paperwork can be intimidating for people who are still grieving a loss.

At Dariotis Law, in Tallahassee, Florida, we help people through the probate process, keeping track of deadlines, filing the necessary paperwork required by the probate court, inventorying assets, supervising the probate process, and giving legal advice to the personal representative.

Understanding Florida Probate

In a nutshell, probate in Florida is a court-supervised process for:

  1. Identifying and gathering certain assets of the decedent;
  2. Notifying interested parties, which include beneficiaries and creditors;
  3. Paying the decedent’s creditors; and
  4. Making distribution to the beneficiaries.

In Florida, this process generally works in one of two ways. Qualifying estates can go through “summary administration,” which is a faster and easier form of probate. Other estates require “formal administration,” which includes the appointment of a personal representative.

Localized Assistance To Avoid Roadblocks

It is important to understand that every estate presents its own issues, and some can be more complicated than they appear at first. For instance, some persons die owning assets in more than one state. This may require an “ancillary” probate in the states where the assets are located. Our attorney has been practicing law for more than 49 years and is certified by The Florida Bar as a specialist in wills, trusts and estates law. He can help our clients avoid mistakes and tackle problems when they arise.

Get Help With Probate

If you need to probate a will or just need help administering an estate, speak to a lawyer with experience. Call Dariotis Law at 850-692-2727. You can also contact us by email.